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The ghost of Margaret Thatcher wants to sell you a house

April 14, 2015

The Tories have decided that people should be allowed to buy councils should be forced to sell their council houses. Apparently this is because the idea of a “property owning democracy” makes them feel all fuzzy and happy. Here is why this is a terrible idea (from the point of view of the 99%, obviously – for the Tories’ natural constituency it’s a jolly good one).

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Back to blogging

April 14, 2015

As you may have noticed there’s been a big gap in blogging, which is due to other stuff happening. Unfortunately, the world still seems to be full of lamentable idiocy, and my head keeps filling with words describing my irritation with it, and I’ve not been putting them anywhere. This is a terrible waste of both idiocy and words. So, with the 2015 election coming up in the UK, the never-ending parade of Republican nit-wits in the States, and assorted other assaults on common-sense, rationality and basic sanity, I made the spontaneous decision (in the shower, as it happens) that I would get back to blogging.

The key insight was that I don’t necessarily have to say very much in a particular post. They don’t have to be works of art. They don’t need to be huge essays. They do have to be spelled more or less correctly and make some kind of grammatical sense, because I’m old-fashioned like that, but apart from that there are no obvious limits. Mostly they’ll be about politics of one sort or another, because that’s where most of the really profound idiocy is to be found. But I may have observations about other things – music, culture, religion, socks. Who knows?

If you’re inexplicably keen to know when new nuggets of wisdom have appeared, there’s the Milomitu Twitter account. Stuff may or may not also appear on Facebook and Google+ depending on whether this sharing stuff works.

So, onwards and upwards…