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My Manifesto

May 6, 2015

10 quick points, in no particular order:

  1. Privatised utilities brought back into public ownership – privatisation has made utilities less efficient, less accountable, and various shady businesspeople obscenely rich.
  2. An end to PFI as a sneaky way of getting stuff without paying the cost upfront. All that happens is that spivs and scoundrels make squillions from it. New hospitals, schools, infrastructure etc. to be paid for through taxation.
  3. Progressive taxation – top rate back up to 90p, and a massive crackdown on tax evasion and avoidance by both individuals and corporations. Anyone who mentions the Laffer curve to be given a thorough kicking.
  4. Massive government R&D investment in renewable energy and nuclear power (sorry, Greens, you’re wrong on that one). We should aim to be world leaders in technology for fighting climate change.
  5. Private sector and all the management crap out of the NHS. And schools. And the rest of the public sector. Happy for private sector to sell me fruit and veg, not happy for them to try to run a health service.
  6. A tax on multiple home ownership (possibly depending on the value of the home) that makes it financially disadvantageous to own more than one. Reduction or elimination of the rentier class – make them work for their money (owning stuff doesn’t count as working).
  7. An evidence-based approach to all Government policy where there is uncertainty about the best way to approach something – pilot projects, double-blind trials (where possible), results to be published.
  8. Pledge that if the Republicans contrive to win in 2016 we will have nothing to do with them – that will be the end of the “special relationship” until sanity returns to the White House.
  9. Openness and transparency in the negotiation of international trade deals (TTPP et al). Private companies can’t be allowed to wield greater power than elected governments.
  10. More benefits for the less well-off. We’ve had 30 years of wealth being transferred upwards – time to reverse the flow.

I might add more if / when they occur to me.